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The Call of the Leader

The ultimate game to experience the art of running a global enterprise…

Two Player
Difficulty: Very High

The Strategist Mind

Form a cross functional executive team and craft a winning strategy…

Multi Player : Max 10 Players
Difficulty: Very High


Foundations of Strategy

Develop your ability to think strategically and master execution…

Multi Player : Max 8 Players
Difficulty: Medium


Art of Business Decisions

Risk free environment to experiment with business decisions…

Two Player
Difficulty: High

The Beginners Simulation

The foundation game to get a glimpse of running a business…

Two Player
Difficulty: Medium

Silver Campaign

Art of Business Decisions

Work Life Harmony

Incredible way to learn the art of balancing between work and life..

Multi Player: Min 4 Players/ Board

Difficulty: Low

The Negotiator

Learn the Impact of Trust and Reciprocity in negotiating your deals

Multi Player: Max 6 Players/ Board

Reengineering Fundamentals

A fun way to Re-Engineer your Business Process

Multi Player: Min 6 Players/ Board

Difficulty: High

Life of a Banker

Experience the life of a banker and make decisions to grow your business

Single Player

Difficulty: High

Life Trade-offs

Balance personal, professional, financial and social wellbeing by managing trade offs

Single Player

Difficulty: Medium

Virtual Salesman

Even you can sell. Experience the art and science of selling…

Single Player

Difficulty: Medium

Successful Negotiator

Apply your knowledge, skills and know how to successfully negotiate

Single Player

Difficulty: Medium

Demystify Insurance

Don the hat of a process consultant to help reengineer a health insurance process.

Single Player

Difficulty: Medium

Other Gamified Interventions

The Happiness Experiment

Life hack your way to a happier life. There is more to life than…

1 Day Gamified Workshop

Recruitment Hive

Simulate your work environment and capture evidences non intrusively..

Customised to business requirement

Employee Onboarding

Interact with your prospective employees even before they are onboard

Customised to business requirement

Why Play Our Applied Games

Non-Intrusive Assessment

Evidence Centered Design to measure learning outcomes in a non intrusive manner.

Learner Centric

Autonomy is in the hands of the learner where they experiment and explore with their decisions.

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