An engaging business simulation to hone business and team building skills

Empower employees to understand the nuances of cross functional decision making, collaboration and dynamic decision making skills through a fast paced role playing simulation

Virtually onboard your employees to your organisation and process

Provide an immersive onboarding experience to help your employees understand your organisation’s values, policies and processes.

Behavioural Micro simulation Gamelets for contextual learning

Let your employee’s solve interesting organisational problems while they sip a cup of coffee. You sit back while your employees take charge of their learning.

Product, Process and Policy refreshers made easy.

A multiplayer quizzing platform, that enables your employees keep abreast of the latest changes in your company.

Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills

Empower your employees with negotiation and conflict management skills through an interesting multiplayer negotiation game.

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Game Based Learning

Learning for the Digital Native

Employee Onboarding

Provide an engaging an immersive onboarding experience to your new joiners and help them understand your company values, policies, procedures and processes in a fun and engaging way.

Business Acumen

Equip your managers and leaders handle challenges of the future and make agile decisions. Our Business Simulation Suite transports your employees to a virtual world of business decisions.

Managerial Effectiveness

Equip managers to lead and inspire teams, by helping them understand multiple perspectives of decision making.

Behavioral Competency

Enhance the behavioral competency of managers by giving them a sandbox to practice and experiment with various scenarios

Our Products

Learning Games for the Millennial Workforce


Multiplayer Business Simulation Game
Objective: Business Acumen, Team Building, Leadership and Problem Solving.
Online Game


A 3D immersive walkthrough simulation
Objective: Virtual Induction, Policy, Process, organisational culture and value training.
Online Game


Behavioural Microsimulation Games
Objective: Behavioural suite of games to impart and measure interpersonal effectiveness. Online Game​


Multiplayer Quizzing platform Objective: Product & Policy refreshers
Online Game


Multiplayer Negotiation Game Objective: Negotiation and Conflict Management skills Online Game

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement suite of games for employee wellbeing Objective: Work-life balance, Staying safe during Corona and Road Safety Online Game + Board Games

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Our Success Stories

Enabling employees understand the business value chain.

An experiential game setup in a Scifi setting to help employees understand the business process and value chain.

Safety Games to help employees minimise occupational and health risk

Honda, partnered with Biz Games to build Road Safety games to help their employees understand the need for safety.

Helping partners understand the importance of LEAN Waste

A VR game to help partners of Metro understand the need of  being quality conscious and understand concepts of LEAN Wastes.

Games that teach, assess and transform

A paradigm shift in game-based learning


What they say about us


The game was a real eye-opener. As a part of my daily work, I negotiate with customers and vendors. The game helped me try out multiple strategies and experiment with options.

The central theme of trust, cooperation and computing payoffs was taught in an innovative way through the game.

Parvathy Prasad, Project Lead Qburst

he game has been beautifully laid out and I enjoyed the whole concept.

I realised the level of cooperation required to complete the task when a group is involved.

I realised how to move forward in arriving at the most agreeable solution from the number of available suggestions, instead of sticking to our own solution and going nowhere.

John Santosh, CEO GEIOM
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STRATUP is one of the best ways to learn business strategies and decision making, besides the game was really fun. We were enjoying the game in such a way that the time flew away very quickly.
My interest in the game got increased as time passed. I would really like to play the game any number of times.

Purav Gandhi, IIMB

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