Behavioural Micro Simulations

Behavioral Micro Simulation Gamelets are contextual learning environments. They put the learner in the middle of an immersive story and a problem that needs to be solved.

How it works

What are Micro Simulations Gamelets

Microsimulations Gamelets are bite-sized simulations that last for 7-10 Mins. The game transports players to a role-playing setup amidst a problem that needs an immediate solution. The conversational game format makes it interesting and realistic.


Real World Conversations

Our proprietary game algorithm simulates real-world conversations and its nuances in a simple yet compelling game mode.Scenarios and tasks embedded in the game, provide a risk-free environment for learners to experiment and explore with decisions.


Learning by Reflection

The natural language interactions and scenario-based decisions help players reflect their choices and their impact on the behavioural aspects of everyday decision making.


Capture Individual Predispositions

Our parallel branching algorithms simulate multiple game paths, thereby providing various perspectives to scenarios.

Our evidence based approach to measuring player’s skills and proficiency captures their decisions non intrusively to construct a behavioral profile.

A Few Game Titles

Behavioural Micro Simulations for all your training needs

  • Managing Self
  • Communicating a sense of purpose to teams
  • Managing Expectations
  • Goal Setting
  • Managing Ideas and Diversity
  • Delegation
  • Measuring Performance
  • Providing Regular Feedback
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Empathy & Emotional Quotient

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