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Rakshak - COVID 19 Awareness Game

Rakshak an applied learning game to help players understand the need to weigh the risk between their health and mental wellbeing. The game simulates   day to day decisions taken by players during Covid times. The game aims to bring about a behavioural change to use protective shields such as masks, sanitizers, soaps, and social distancing to protect oneself and their family from being affected.

Safe Biker -Road Safety Game

Help your employees understand the needs to safe travel and being a responsible citizen on the road. Safebiker is a road safety simulation game, that simulates various scenarios that one encounters on daily life and tracks the decision of players and generates a safety report at the end of game.

The game can be used as a CSR activity of your organisation to schools and other organisations that you partner with.

Equalance - Work Life Balance

EQUALANCE is a Work-life Balance Game. The game simulates real life scenarios to help players understand the trade-off’s between personal, professional and financial wellbeing by managing trade-off’s between time and money.Participants construct their understanding of how to balance life between conflicting priorities and learn to balance their well-being progressively as the game unfolds.

StratCon - Process Reengineering Game

STRATCON is a Process Re-Engineering Game. Participants don the role of a consultant who is tasked with the responsibility of re-engineering a process to meet the requirements of various stakeholders. Knowledge of streamlining methodologies and tools will equip your workforce to constantly innovate and participate in continuous improvement.

The game is customisable to accommodate your organisations business processes to provide realistic and contextual training to your employees.

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