Game Based Learning Solutions

We help your organisation drive operational and strategic goals by building virtual simulation environments.

Why Game Based Learning Solutions

Increases Engagement

Games have higher engagement factor as compared to any other modes of training

Higher Retention

The transference rate of applying what is learnt in games to real life is higher.

Autonomous Learning

The learners have complete autonomy and control of their learning process

Measure Skills

Games are assessment I nature and they provide rich assessment data of skills and proficiency of players

Affective learning

Learners will be in a position to emotionally connect with concepts being learnt

Preferred Learning Method

The Millennial generation are born gamers, they like to be trained in an environment that the are comfortable with.

Develop Outcome Drivers

Our process experts spend time with your business functions to understand your needs and challenges.

We start with the business outcome that you wish to drive and achieve.

Research Design

Our process experts in consultation with our research team arrives at diagnostic study to benchmark current measures and arrives at key impact factors for the solution.


We develop a detailed prototype to test and validate our assumptions and hypothesis and conduct play testing session with your business teams.

Digital Design

Our game artists and designers convert the outcome of research and prototype into designs using evidence based design philosophies.

Digital Games

Vola! Then the is magic, we carefully craft the game using adding elements of fun, suspense, challenges and learning for an enriched experience.

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