Negotiation & Conflict Management

The art of Negotiation & Conflict Management is best learnt experientially when individuals are constrained by resources and others are eyeing for the same set of resources for their survival.


Who will benefit?

Negotiation Professionals

Hone your negotiation skills to deliver value and drive better results at the bargaining table.


Develop the negotiation skill required to understand payoffs, to manage your teams and set expectations right.

Early Career Professionals

Gain the confidence required to handle tough conversations with your peers and managers.


MANOEUVRE - Multiplayer Negotiation Game

MANOEUVRE is a multiplayer strategy game set in a medieval context, the players don the hats of rulers of various kingdoms. They form allies and align themselves with other kingdoms. In the process of forging strategic alliances, they alienate a few, who become rival warring kingdoms.


Manage Conflicts and Negotiate a Winning Deal

Players manage conflicts and conflicting priorities while they negotiate with their peers. They apply negotiation concepts in a risk free environment and experiment with various end game strategies.


Forecast and Plan Outcomes

The game is designed using Evidence Centred Learning design philosophy. Players chat with their allies and resolve conflicts. The data forms the evidence for further analysis to understand the dominant conflict resolution style of the player.


Planning & Payoffs

Players make detailed plans and compute various payoffs before deciding on their strategies. They understand the need to have Best, Estimated and Worst outcome planning, before they resolve a situation.

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