Memorable experience to onboard your employees

Increase engagement and retention of organisational values, culture, policies and processes by helping your employees virtually take a tour of your organisation.

Employee Onboarding Games

Why Onboard Virtually?

Engaged Onboarding

Conveying your rich culture and traditions through PPT’s and talks does not do justice, you need to engage your employees.

Eliminate Scheduling Issues

Ensuring you have all the leaders and SME’s available to talk to the new joiners becomes challenging.

Reduce Pre-Onboarding Churn

Start engaging with your new recruits even before they join your organisation.

Anytime Anywhere Onboarding

Personalise the onboarding experience and you never have to wait for a batch anymore.

Onboarding Modules

Customisable modules to meet your organisational needs

Company History

Company Culture

Policies & Procedures

Ways of Working

Meeting Leaders

Process Training

Get to know your employees better

Upgrade to an immersive onboarding experience now.

Customise the game to reflect your organisational reality

Configurable Content

The platform is configurable to handle your organisational content.

Launch from browser

No installation required, launch the game from a browser.

Knowledge Repository

A single repository for all your multimedia content.

Single Sign On

Integrates with your organisations Active Directory

Secured Access

Dashboard of player statistics and performance.


Secured access to your content in the game.

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