Product and Process Refreshers made easy

Help your employees constantly upgrade their knowledge on your company policies and procedures through interactive quizzes and games.

Do you have the need to frequently conduct

Refresher Training

Do you have the need to conduct frequent refresher training on policies and Procedures?

Compliance Training

Are you compliance training getting out of hand and you are looking for a easy solution.


Product Feature Training

Are you training your salesforce on product changes frequently?

Knowledge Assessment

Are you looking for a platform which can engage your employees and measure their knowledge?


StratSkill - Quizzing and Learning Platform


Contextual Learning & Assessments

StratSkill is a gamified contextual learning and assessment platform.

The game helps players compete with their friends and with themselves to solve puzzles and learn concepts contextually.


Game Space for every topic

Launch multiple quiz topics in one single platform and provide access to relevant stakeholders.


Interesting Game Modes

Two Player Mode: An individual can invite his friends and compete with them on a knowledge dual and see their progress

Single Player Mode: An Individual can compete against his/her best streak/score.

Quiz Mode: Administrators can conduct spot quizzes and assess the performance of participants.

Survey Mode: Launch Organisational and pulse Surveys with the click of a button


Multiple Puzzle Modes

The game has seven puzzle modes.

1. Multiple Choice Questions
2.True/ False Questions
3.Bubble Burst: Identify the right option from a series
of options.
4.Identify the Word
5.Match the Following
6.Categorisation Puzzles: Categorise options into
various buckets
7.Sequencing Puzzles: Sequence a set of options
(ideal for Process training)


On Demand Bite Sized Learning

Players learn concepts contextually in the form of knowledge snippets. Flashcards and Video explainers are embedded and mapped to various options, so that players could learn concepts on demand.


Quiz Authoring Tool

Get access to our quiz authoring platform to launch quizzes any time you wish. Employees get access to quiz the moment you publish them.

Stratskill Portal for updating quiz

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